What are the benefits of a traditional solid wood front door?

When choosing what front door to buy, you will generally know the style of the door you’re after – one that fits with the aesthetic or period your home is from – however, a front door is not just for show. There are practical qualities that must be considered when deciding on the right front door for your home.


Our solid wood doors are made from high-quality Accoya wood which has demonstrated an exceptional performance for weatherproofing. This means that a front door will wear well over time. With such high durability, we confidently offer a 10-year warranty on our solid wood front doors, as we know that they will last throughout the seasons and look flawless in years to come.


When considering a front door, safety is always at the forefront of the decision-making process – you want to feel safe in your home. A solid wood door should always be considered over a hollow core wood door which are typically used internally. Solid wood doors are sturdy and long-lasting, and typically corrosion-resistant, meaning they have no weak spots. Of course, the entrance door locking mechanism does play a part, so please bear that in mind as well.

An investment

Having a solid wood front door is not just a way to stand out from your neighbours and have your property looking its best, it is also a great investment. It is a great selling feature that attracts potential buyers due to the security that it can bring, but not only that, the handcrafted, custom front door can increase the value of your home.


Our doors have superior thermal insulation, meaning that there is a low risk of being affected by common problems such as shrinkage or swelling. They are also less likely to face future repairs as a result of fungi damage or insect infestations. In turn, the door stays firm and in shape, helping to keep your heat in and keeping energy bills down.


If you live in a highly populated and busy area, a dense and heavier front door made from wood is preferable to alternatives for it’s a fantastic soundproofing. A high-quality door which keeps its shape will not allow sound to enter through the edging, unlike lower quality doors made from cheaper materials.