What is etched glass?

Having glass on your oak front door can really elevate your home, however, there are so many designs available using varied techniques, it can be hard to choose the right one for your home. 

Etched glass is a very popular choice of decorative glass and has been a common occurrence on oak front doors since the mid-1800s following the abolition of the glass tax in 1845. Although it was invented in 1771 by a Swedish chemist, Carl Wilhelm Scheele, known as ‘the father of glass etching’, the glass tax meant that the price of glass decreased considerably and this allowed people to get more creative with their homes and etching became desirable.

Often referred to as ‘French embossing’, etched glass for period entrance doors became commonplace in Victorian and Edwardian homes. Typically, etched glass was used on interior doors to offer privacy while still keeping rooms light. It was later on in the Victorian period that porches became popular giving homes a sense of grandeur and along with it front doors boasting four panels, two of which were small window panes that used an etched or stained design.

Etched glass door designs offer an eye-catching design for period entrance doors and the etched glass has been cut into the surface of the glass using acid. The decorative design can often appear frosted or be rough to the touch, although there can be a smooth finish option as well.

The technique meant that glass was no longer transparent but scattered the light to offer an illumination that could not be offered from other glass designs. An elegant addition to any door, etched glass transforms the pane, taking it from plain and simple to interesting and inviting.

Today, laser-etched glass is popular on period home entrance doors with the ability to give precise definition and offer elegant curves, with some creativity and artistic expression providing a stunning final piece. The deep carvings provide the glass with dimension and offer more than just a scratched glass pane, but a striking design that makes your door unlike any other.

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