Why choose an Accoya front door over an oak front door

Hardwood external French doors

When considering buying a new front door a lot of people will choose oak. Many consider a hardwood external doors to be the best option as it is an attractive and durable option. However, while it is certainly a beautiful wood, it isn’t necessarily considered the best material for your external doors.

Oak is notoriously known for its movement, which can cause issues later down the line as it will need to be re-sealed, and it can warp, crack and bow if not properly looked after. Oak also requires a lot of maintenance to keep its colour as tannins in the timber cause discolouration.

Overtime, oak doors can allow heat to escape, meaning that you will be walking into a colder home. This can be due to moisture and is especially common if you live in humid or particularly wet environments. There are ways to combat these issues, however they require time and money to fix.

Depending on the problem, you will need to take the door down, sand down the top layer of paint, and leave with weighted objects for 24 hours – leaving you without a front door, causing security issues. Accoya on the other hand, is a modified wood that rivals the best hardwoods as it much less prone to the issues that oak has.

Shrinkage and swelling are not as common with Accoya, meaning that it doesn’t move like oak does and is therefore very long-lasting.

Another advantage of Accoya is that it doesn’t require as much maintenance as oak and you don’t have to worry about recoating the wood as often as you would with an oak front door.

If the aesthetic is what draws you to oak, Accoya can be stained to match the colour of oak, so you can keep the look you want with the improved physical benefits that Accoya provides. Most importantly, Accoya offers vastly better insulation, which is helped by our extra layer of insulation as part of our 68mm thick doors.

Our doors also have a unique two-point draught excluder and extra layer of insulation that oak doors don’t possess – so warm homes without the maintenance of oak.

Why pay for something that will cause you problems down the line?


Find out more about Accoya on our website: https://www.planetwoodltd.com/timber-solid-wood-period-doors/.