Choose your door style!

At the Planet Wood workshop in Enfield, we can design your front and back door in a range of different styles, while still ensuring it complies with the latest standards and regulations. Below are some examples of door styles. Visit our Contact page to get in touch and discuss your requirements.

Victorian Period (1837- 1901)

Edwardian Period (1901-1914)

Georgian Period (1714 – 1830)

Regency / Bespoke Design

1930’s (1930-1939)

Creating Beautiful doors

Crafted by the masters!

To create a beautiful new door for your home, our craftsman are the masters of their trade. They use all of the old techniques with modern technology and the knowledge that has been gained over many decades to ensure longevity, security and stability. Every door we make is unique to every home. Our attention to detail and meticulous quality checks are most definitely unique to us.