Edwardian period, simple and functional architecture made for practical homes

A row of typical British terraced houses around Kensal Rise in London with estate agent boards

The Edwardian Period was a very short-lived influence on British architecture and solid oak entrance door design. From 1901-1918 during the reign of Edward VII was a time where architecture was a period of revivalism influenced especially by the Baroque, Georgian and the Arts and Crafts movements. It was the start of the typical city suburbs, demonstrating simple but effective homes that could be replicated in numerous sizes and layouts to use the ever-decreasing available construction space wisely.

The Edwardian period was probably the least opulent in comparison to Victorian, Georgian and Regency periods that spanned the 19th century. The two significant contrasting periods were the ornate architecture of Victorian Britain or grandeur of the Regency period.

Edwardian simplicity was certainly replicated in the design of solid wood entrance doors. Simple panelled doors, the simplicity of large casement windows with deep bays led to an easy construction method for a new home, whilst maintaining an opportunity for homeowners to maintain their standing in society.

The significant change from Victorian architecture was a great deal less curvature around the design. Internally, homes were less cluttered, walls were brighter and any wall coverings were a great deal simpler in design. It was really the start of understated decor that still influences the degree of minimalism commonly found in modern homes of today. The Edwardian influence is a very common influence on the vast range of external entrance doors we craft at PlanetWood, very often consisting of little or no glass in the chosen designs.

Great examples of Edwardian construction and those typical Edwardian, heavy solid wood doors can be found in many London suburbs. Hampstead Heath, Dulwich, Blackheath and Richmond are very rich in Edwardian architecture, and typically an area where customers ask us to replicate that Edwardian simplicity in our bespoke crafted solid wood doors.