Our Mission

To design the very best external door systems on the market.

We achieved our goal of designing the very best external doors by firstly understanding the requirements of the customer. We looked at methods of how we could reduce draught, increase security and longevity of our products. We wanted to provide the very best and give our customers assurance that their purchase with us was a wise decision.

Every door we manufacture is of the highest standard. Tested to 1.1 U-value, our doors are perfect for homes of all ages and design.  Choosing Planet Wood guarantees the security, draught exclusion, and curb appeal of your home. Although our doors are made to last a lifetime, each door comes with a 10-year guarantee.


We use the AV2 Heritage locking mechanisms on all our external entrance doors. The Heritage products are of the highest quality and security.
Extra insulation

All of our doors are 68mm thick. Our secret weapon to restrict heat loss is the extra layer of insulation inside each of the doors we manufacture.

The best timber
Accoya timber is the very best material on the market for manufacturing external wooden doors. Designed by scientists, Accoya is excellent for stability and weatherproofing.
Extra barrier

Our unique two-point draught exclusion mechanism is guaranteed to stop the cold British winter from infiltrating your home.


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