The Regency period, expansion of Georgian style and elegance

White luxury houses facades in London, perspective view

Officially, the Regency Period spans the first thirty years of the 19th century. In reality, it is an extension of the preceding Georgian period, demonstrating some significant differences and opulent styles in architecture that influenced the simplicity of the design around solid wood entrance doors at the time.

This particular era in British architecture took on two very significant influences. One was Victorian Gothic styling or better known as ‘Gothic Revival’ and the second was the influence of classic design from Roman and Greek architecture with clean lines and a degree of simplicity in the finish of a home. The latter is very prevalent in London homes, with Stucco or painted plaster, fluted Greek columns and intricately moulded cornices. The typical look of a Regency period home suggested wealth but looked to achieve this in a more understated manner. Regency homes don’t tend to have the busy ornate look of the Victorian period where the front-facing elevation is adorned with balustrade entrances and solid wood front doors that consisted of a huge variety of stained glass door designs. The entrance doors are much simpler, with many having very little glass in the doors themselves, in favour of a typical glass arch above the door which attracted more light into entrance halls.

The Regency period renewed interest in Classical Greek architecture and was made popular by men like Lord Byron and his advocacy of Greek nationalism. It also led to rows and rows of terrace houses, typically with basements and that extra floor in the roof. Many of which now has two entrance doors for basement flats and the rest of the house.

London, Cheltenham, Brighton and Bath have great examples of the regency period with crescent shape streets on one side and beautiful green areas opposite. Indeed, a trip to Regents Park and visiting the streets that surround the park, perfectly demonstrate the opulence of the Regency period and its grand entrance doors.

Heavy, secure and wide solid Oak doors are very typical of the regency period. These regency period doors were certainly made to last, and presented a grand entrance to a regency period home.