How to restore your Edwardian house

As one of the most sought-after house styles in Britain, Edwardian houses make great homes and can be a joy to restore to their former glory. So, what are some simple things you can do to rewind time on your Edwardian home?


Homes of this period often have large hallways and living areas, and in turn have over-the-top archways into each room. Sadly, some Edwardian properties have had their arches removed or simply covered to give more of a modern feel.

If you’re looking to give your hallway a makeover then opt for bringing back the arch, and pairing it with the much loved patterned flooring. You might find that your property still retains the original stone tile flooring as well and they’ve simply been covered up by flooring. This is a striking feature that can really elevate your entranceway.

Front entrance

Edwardian houses were set back from the road, offering privacy to the homeowner. This means that the front doors were often grand and eye-catching – to match the spacious hallways. They also had lavish porches, often painted white to signify opulence.

The front doors included a lot of glass and often had glass panels on either side. The glass would be ornate, typically with one large overhead panel and two slender panels below it. Stained glass was also popular. The glass would have allowed a lot of light to stream into the home and make it a welcome sight for visitors.

When updating or replacing your front door, green and brown were common colours and would still suit many homes of today.

Bright colours

When it comes to décor, Edwardian homes were known for boasting lighter colours than their predecessors. Natural light was very important and this was enhanced by bright walls. Using bright, light colours throughout your home will help to keep it feeling spacious and is a quick fix for stepping back in time to the Edwardian period.

Period features

If you’re considering bringing your Edwardian home back to its best, then there are some period features that you simply can’t overlook. Parquet flooring was common place internally, as were gothic fireplaces, these can help make your home instantly recognisable as an Edwardian home as you enter.

Externally, mock-Tudor cladding was a popular choice and giving your panels a new lease on life, either with a fresh coat of paint or replacing damaged panels, will give your home’s façade a much-needed refresh.