Period entrance doors, perfectly made to measure to your home, taste and design

Planet Wood prides itself as a company that specializes in excellent craftsmanship. With a long history of design and creativity, we have developed a range of front and back doors that meet exacting standards. Those standards bring together the historic look of a prestigious entrance to a home and the modern requirements of excellent security and stable materials.

Stability is an important part of our manufacturing process. Using Accoya or acetylated timber for a new front door provides the weatherproofing it needs. Accoya timber has been studied by specialist wood scientists for decades. It then came to the market to produce the highest-rated weatherproofing that a solid wood door can possess. It rivals PVCu doors and much more. With a 10-year guarantee in place, we provide the assurance that a new front or back door will not warp or become damaged by the infamous seasonal changes in British weather.

Doors made from Accoya timber also have excellent thermal qualities. It locks in the warmth and provides an outstanding method of sealing your home from the rigours of cold winters. It is a noticeable trait of our traditional entrance doors to reduce energy bills.


You can also reduce maintenance costs and have the luxury of choice. PVCu doors do come in a variety of designs as do our traditional period doors. However, colour choice and the choice of glass and ironmongery can be limited in the world of plastic entrance doors. With robust, weatherproof, energy-saving Accoya wooden entrance doors, colour choice, ironmongery fixtures and fittings, stained glass, security glass and specially insulated glass all provide a bespoke and unique feel to your entrance door.

All our doors are traditional by design. Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian, Regency or indeed, the abundance of unique designs that are very much associated and seen in homes today, typically designs from the 1930s. You choose!


As a manufacturer using timber as our main resource to craft our bespoke range comes with a high degree of responsibility. Sustainability is extremely important to us. This is honoured by sourcing all our timber from sustainable forests. This level of sustainability is sadly not replicated with the many of the timber and PVCu doors available today. To top it all, Accoya can also remove CO2 over the lifespan of the material. It is the sustainable material of the future, and it is our material of choice.