Victorian entrance doors, grand, meaningful, historical and quintessentially British

An old historical home that has been restored and rejuvenated in the Midwest.

The Victorian period presented a new take on architecture. It took the opulence of British design we see on many iconic buildings that presented a position of wealth and opened the theory that anyone could have grandeur. It was the beginning of social equality that belied the typical class system of the time. It was the start of a generational change that put emphasis on having the best you could for your home.

An ornate Victorian entrance door set the tone for your visitors and standing in society. The grandeur of this nature wasn’t just for the gentry; it was now available for anyone who could afford it.


Victorian entrances were deemed the centrepiece of the exterior façade of a home. It presented that status of success to those who visited, very much like the grand and ornate fireplaces of the time. The desire to present to impress travelled from the entrance and throughout the home. House pride for the masses had well and truly been born.

The Victorian era set an attitude that lives on today, with homeowners wanting to decorate, expand and evolve the look and space in their homes to suit the individual and in many respects, our own status in society. Spending on our homes is now very much our main spend and financial investment and what many Brits work hard for to accomplish.


Victorian style entrance doors are still a very popular choice for buyers today. Those confident lines and panelling accompanied with ornate ironmongery and beautifully designed glass panelling represent the most popular choice for an entrance to our homes. Whether you are replacing a tired entrance with PVCu or a modern Solid Wood Oak Door, the Victorian design influence is still very popular.

What was really lacking if you were looking to replicate the provenance of a solid wood Victorian entrance door, was a material that would last the test of time. Accoya timber answered all those questions and more so. This unique timber made it possible to consider longevity, sustainability and originality, rather than plastic, or indeed an inferior timber that would need replacing in a few years rather than decades.

Our homes are important to us, and the inclusion of a beautiful new front entrance door portrays a welcoming fixture to our homes. Less about status and more about pride. The many styles from this era provide homeowners with an abundance of choice. The panelling and profiles of one Victorian solid wood door can be very different from the next.

Having a choice is exactly why Planet Wood’s Victorian doors are bespoke and crafted to provide an abundance of choice for our customers. After all, our homes are unique to us, a welcoming Victorian entrance door should be too.