The Victorian era 1837-1901

This was one of the most progressive eras in history. When it comes to societal change, the rise of the middle classes and new technologies, the Victorians pioneered. These were people who appreciated the finer things in life, and wanted their homes to be similarly fine and full of splendour. During this period new styles and old came into fashion, including the resurgence of Gothic architecture and design. 

Grandeur was the theme of the 19th century and the Victorians knew how to do it better than most. High ceilings and large reception rooms were the hallmarks of a Victorian home and, to match the grand rooms, the Victorian’s needed equally grand entrance doors


The very typical four panel Victorian entrance doors were the most commonly in the period. These designs were used throughout the Victorian era, and were consistently used in all manner of dwellings, be it the small terraced house of a factory worker or the grand maison of the landed gentry.

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At the Planet Wood workshop in Enfield, we can design your front and back door in a range of different styles, while still ensuring it complies with the latest standards and regulations. Below are some examples of door styles. Visit our Contact page to get in touch and discuss your requirements.

Victorian Period (1837- 1901)

Edwardian Period (1901-1914)

Georgian Period (1714 – 1830)

Regency / Bespoke Design

1930’s (1930-1939)

What Stands us apart

We are one of the UK’s rare commodities. We create exquisite period solid timber entrance doors which are designed to complement traditional, historic and modern homes, with the latest security and draught excluding technology.

Perfect colour choice

Choose from a range of colours to suit your style. The finish is the result of our painting skills that comes with a meticulous attention to detail.

The right choice of timber

Accoya is an acetylated wood. It was introduced into the market because of its exceptional performance, stability, weatherproofing and unprecedented reliability.

A huge choice of glazing

Stained glass, toughened glass, double glazing and security glass are all available for fitting into our traditional period wooden doors.

Door furniture choice

What is your personal preference? We have an abundance of choice for our customers, all of the highest quality and finishes.

Thermal protection

Every door comes with the highest standard in U-Value. Each door has a unique insulation layer to reduce the amount of heat lost through the door.

High security

The heritage locking mechanism is a combination of traditional and high security, operating automatically as soon as the door is closed.

Quality Assured

Our manufacturing

The quality of our manufacturing and solid wood door construction is unmatched in the UK.

Learn more about our unique methods and designs that ensure you make the right choice when choosing Planet Wood.

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Planetwood create the most beautiful doors
Love my new front door
Professional and creative door design company
The new victorian front door looks amazing
Planet wood have absolutely blown me away

Planetwood create the most beautiful doors. I purchased a Victorian door in a beautiful purple paint from PW and it looks absolutely incredible on the front of my Victorian home

Love my new front door. Such a creative team of professionals that kept me informed through the creating, design and delivery of my new door. Best London front door company.

Professional and creative door design company. Would recommend to anyone looking for a proper solid wood front door.

I was looking to purchase a new Victorian front door, and the Planet Wood team replied to my enquiry almost immediately. Their customer service was second to none and they

Planet wood have absolutely blown me away with the detail and skill they have put into making my new 1930s door look stunning. The stained glass looks so amazing with

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